Webinar on MTP: Untangling Dilemmas

Webinar on MTP: Untangling Dilemmas

Have you ever identified a genetic disorder after 20 weeks of pregnancy, despite low-risk screening? or where we have identified an anomaly but MTP is not recommended?
Navigating such complex scenarios can be challenging. ISPAT( Indian society for Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy), is here to help.

Join our expert-led webinar on Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)
Registration: Free
Date: Sat 22 June 6pm-8pm
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This academic event will provide insights and practical guidance on addressing ethical, legal, and medical dilemmas related to MTP.

Featured Topics:
- Handling cases of late-term genetic disorders
- Ethical decision-making processes
- Navigating legal and regulatory frameworks
- Providing compassionate care for patients and families


* Dr Lavanya Tyagi [Lucknow]
* Dr Bhavya Doshi [Indore]

* Dr Pratima Radhakrishnan [Bengaluru]
* Dr Richa Sharma [Ghaziabad]

* Dr Nikhil Datar (Obgy & Medicolegal Activist) [Mumbai]
* Dr Narendra Malhotra (Obgy) [Agra]
* Dr Milind Shah (Obgy) [Solapur]
* Dr Indranil Dutta (Obgy) [Kalyani]
* Dr Seetha Pal (Fetal Medicine) [Kolkata]

* Dr Antony Charles (Paed Surgeon) [Bengaluru]
* Dr Kuldeep Singh (Sonologist) [Delhi]
* Dr Chaitanya Datar (Geneticist) [Pune]


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All those who are yet to register can register and join. The registration link is open for all throughout the session.