Greetings and regards and best wishes for 2017!

It is indeed my great privilege and honor to me to step into the shoes of the greats before me who have headed this organization since 1989.

At the outset I salute Prof. R.P. Soonawalla for his vision in 1989, to dream of an organization dedicated to prenatal diagnosis and Therapy. ISPAT is a multidisciplinary society aimed to promote and educate medical and paramedical involved in the field of perinatology diagnosis and treatment and genetics.

The past presidents who have laid a very sound foundation to ISPAT, I salute you all Prof. R.P. Soonawalla, Dr. Hema Purandary, Dr. Adi E Dastur, Dr. M.N. Parikh, Dr. Sharad Gogate and Dr. Raju Sahetya. Finally ISPAT is ready to storm the obs. & Gyn world with great growth, vigor and finally we are now more visible and very sought after, due to the last two very dynamic years under immediate past president Dr. Raju Sahetya.

Dr. Raju Sahetya has rocketed ISPAT and now it’s a challenge to this new team, to maintain orbit and try to reach the moon.

The science of perinatology has to ensure every baby is born healthy and every mother remains healthy. To achieve this goal of ours we need to educate and sensitize 35000 plus obstetricians of India and the neonatologist and the geneticists and the primary health care physicians.

We have planned the next two years keeping our goals in mind. Our slogan is “HEALTHY BABY TO A HEALTHY MOTHER”

I look forward to active involvement of each and every ISPATIAN and look forward to interacting with all of you, May I request all of you to work towards education and dedicate these two years to “HEALTHY BABY TO A HEALTHY MOTHER”

Warm regards to all of you
Prof. Dr. Narendra Malhotra
President ISPAT 2017-2019
Mobile: 09837033335