FLAT NO. 23-A, 2ND Floor,
Elco Arcade, Hill Road,
Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050
TEL No: 26456488, 26406070

  • 1. The name of the Society shall be “The Indian Society of Prenatal Diagnosis & Therapy”
  • 2. The Headquarters of the Society shall be in Greater Bombay.
  • 3. The Aims and Objects of the Society are :

    1. To bring together Medical and Para-Medical personnel and institutions interested in various Prenatal diagnostic and therapeutic techniques used to ensure fetal and neonatal well being.
    2. To collect pool and distribute to the members all information on technical bioengineering aspects of various prenatal diagnostic techniques like CVS, Amniocentesis, Ultrasound, Fetoscopy etc. and their application availability and limitation in detecting fetal anomalies and various approaches of fetal neonatal therapy.
    3. To create public awareness and opinion in matters relating to prenatal diagnosis.
    4. advise the State and Central Government and other organisations on technical and clinical aspects of prenatal diagnosis and fetal therapy.
    5. To promote, sponsor and organise meetings, seminars, symposia, panel discussions, workshops, conferences, lectures, orations etc. with the purpose of advancing and exchanging knowledge on all aspects of Prenatal Diagnosis and fetal neonatal therapy.
    6. To organise and demonstrate whenever possible various procedures for prenatal diagnosis and fetal neonatal therapy with an objective to reduce perinatal mortality and morbidity.
    7. To associate subscribe or affiliate with any other body. (Indian or International) having objects altogether or in part similar to those of the Society.
    8. To create orations and awards and extend and exchange scholarships amongst scientists interested in any aspect of prenatal diagnosis and fetal therapy.
    9. To promote, sponsor and publish bulletins, news letters, journals and books to serve as a medium of communication and advancement of knowledge amongst the members of the Society and other agencies interested in prenatal diagnosis.
    10. To do or get done anything necessary or desirable for the promotion or fulfillment of the above objects.