Indian Society for Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy (ISPAT) is a multidisciplinary society established in 1989 by liked minded doctors, scientists and philanthropist, interested in prevention and management of birth defects of genetic and non-genetic origin.

In a General Body Meeting held on 15th April, 1989 at IMA Hall, Bombay, it was decided to launch a society for Medical Personnel’s and Research Scientists involved in Diagnosis, treatment and surgery of unborn babies in our country. The society was called “The Indian Society for Pre-natal Diagnosis & Therapy”. The society completed 25 years.

This society was formed to help to promote, educate and train all the medical personnel, paramedical and any other like-minded persons, who wish to handle high risk pregnant patients and families in their practice. As this was a new concept at that time, there were no facilities for training people in this new clinical specialty.

Following were the elected members of the first Managing Committee for the year 1989-92;

President Dr. R P Soonawala
Vice President Dr. Hema Purandare
Dr. Bharat Parekh
Dr. Adi E Dastur
Hon. Secretary General Dr. Sharad Gogate
Hon. Secretary Dr. Amit Chakravarty
Hon. Jt. Secretary Dr. Raju R Sahetya
Dr. Shrikant Purandare
Hon. Treasurer Dr. Bipin Shah
Committee Members Dr. Mahendra N Parikh
Dr. D K Tank
Dr. M R Narvekar
Dr. Anil Gondhalekar
Dr. Hema Rane

The Society had also published Newsletters for the last 15 years.

The Society had released a document called “Sabarmati Declaration” at the 7th ISPAT Conference at Ahmedabad which states the philosophy by strongly condemning the deplorable practice of female feticide, sex selection at pre and post conception stage. This declaration is greatly appreciated by national and international organisation.

Since genetics is not taught with a special emphasis in medical graduate and post graduate courses it is the responsibility of societies like ours which are multidisciplinary and are interested in prevention to educate the medical persons about this new clinical branch.

The society is not resting on its achievements but intends to work hard at all levels to spread the message of Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy and wants to prevent genetic disorders and prevent misuse of these techniques for female feticide. ISPAT Society is active in spreading awareness about Genetics and Birth Defects in general population by holding public forums, writing in press & live interview on TV shows and awareness programme for college students.

ISPAT holds Biennial National Conference and several workshops were held on all India basis.